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Teri Castillo

Candidate for City Council D5, San Antonio, TX

Teri Castillo is a housing organizer, historian of urban policy, the proud daughter and granddaughter of migrant workers, and a lifelong resident of District 5 in San Antonio.

Teri ran for city council two years ago after seeing her community grieve the loss of unarmed Black men at the hands of police, here in San Antonio and across the United States. San Antonio had banned no-knock search warrants and declared racism as a public health issue but that was not enough.

She won the runoff election decisively and has been working hard for the people ever since. Since taking office, Castillo has brought historic infrastructure investments to her community, and has emerged as one of the council’s leading advocates for affordable housing.

Teri recently challenged the SAPD’s “hotspot” plan to increase the police presence and the idea that we need more police and incarceration to address safety concerns. She has been dedicated to addressing the root causes of crime — including lack of affordable housing, good schools, jobs, access to healthcare and clean air.

We supported her campaign two years ago, and are proud to endorse Teri for re-election because we know that she will keep working every single day to invest in real public safety solutions and make San Antonio safer for everyone.

Teri Castillo on Twitter