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Raquetta Dotley

Candidate for City Council (D7), Chattanooga, TN

Raquetta Dotley is the Executive Director of the Net Resource Foundation and Church Administrator at Westside Missionary Baptist Church. She is a graduate of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and holds a masters degree from Temple Baptist Seminary. She is the daughter of a longtime union member and is committed to advocating for workers and their families as city councilwoman. Raquetta would be the first woman and African American woman to serve as City Council District 7 representative.

Raquetta is a community-conscious leader who wants to improve neighborhood equity, economic development, infrastructure and transportation throughout her district. She believes that the only way to serve others is by being active in the community, and she has been doing just that for several years. An advocate for connecting people to resources and encouraging participation in civic engagement, Raquetta has organized and assisted with several different community projects and voting initiatives. She is running to bring accountable, dependable leadership for everyone in District 7.