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Jalen McKee-Rodriguez

Candidate for City Council D2, San Antonio, TX

Jalen is an educator who has committed himself to serving and empowering his community through representative policy-making. As the son of two veterans, and the oldest of three, he was raised to value service to others, empathy, and integrity. Two years after graduating from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a BA in Communication, Jalen decided to continue living by the principles his family instilled in him by working at Sam Houston High School as a high school math teacher. 

Working closely with students and families in District 2 sparked Jalen’s passion for the future of the D2 community, and inspired him to advocate for his community in City Hall as the area’s next council member.

In 2021, Jalen campaigned on a people-first platform. He refused to take money from land developers to remain fair and objective in his votes. He pledged to place the people at the front of the line, and include their voice in ALL his decisions. 

And every day he’s spent in City Hall, He has followed through on those promises. Jalen strongly opposed the unfair police union contract because he knows that public safety happens when we invest in people, and he has made substantial investments in his community with a strong lens of equity. In fact, he’s received more money for District 2 than ever before. 

We are proud to endorse Jalen for re-election because he will keep working to hold SAPD and the Police Chief accountable, provide more opportunity for civilian oversight, and work toward a more fair and just justice system for all.