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Ed Gainey

Candidate for Mayor, Pittsburgh, PA

Ed has worked on the staffs of two Mayors as a Community Development Specialist, where he introduced programs such as the “52 Weeks of Peace” and the “Minority Business Seminar” He also worked with the Pittsburgh Police Department to improve their hiring practices. In 2012, he was elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. For most of the people he grew up with, his election was the first time they’d ever had a relationship with an elected official.

In office, he’s committed himself to bringing new leadership and vision and building trust in the diverse neighborhoods that make up the 24th Legislative District, fighting for an increase to Pennsylvania’s minimum wage, for transportation projects, funding for mass transit, for criminal justice reforms, for medicinal marijuana legalization, and for quality education. Ed was recently recognized by the Pittsburgh City Paper for ”2020 Politician of the Year” for using his platform to not only educate but also to uplift communities.

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